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Praise for Subterranean

"Jill Bialosky's second book of poems, Subterranean, is an advance in psychic depth and expressive eloquence beyond her distinguished The End of Desire. Her new work fully establishes her voice: poignant, perilous, overwhelmingly aware of the extent to which our lives, inner and outer, are deflected by contingency, and by drives of love and death that govern us."

-- Harold Bloom

"The lovely understatement that informs her great subject of death and resurrection ultimately gives rise to a grandeur as conversational as it is profound. I treasure Subterranean for its rigor and poignancy, its reticence and integrity. I can think of few books as true or free of posturing. These poems are wise; they educate the soul."

-- Alice Fulton

"With a tone and an integrity that are consistent and sure and an aesthetic that is varied and original, these poems touch on fragile moments and dark corners... Bialosky finds the beauty in grief."

-- Louis McKee, Library Journal

"Bialosky recounts skillfully her experiences, desires, and imaginings. Her grief (on the loss of a child), temptation, longing, and other emotions are expressed with a classical elegance."

-- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Jill Bialosky's... poems have a stately bearing... Everything here is seen as though under a magnifying glass in harrowing, gorgeous detail."
-- Carol Muske-Dukes, L.A. Times Book Review